Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is made when apple cider is fermented twice.

This process creates and tart yellowish vinegar that is rich in acidic apple juice.

You’ve probably been hearing about it from just about everywhere. If you purchase it, be sure to get the organic raw unfiltered version made by Bragg‘s. (They are Christian by the way who unashamedly put Christian Bible scriptures on the bottles of their products)

In our opinion, you have to try any health supplement or diet etc usually for about a month in order to truly feel the benefits. You have to be very in tune with your body. Typically in during the first month of drinking Apple Cider Vinegar have an overall feeling of wellness.

When trying to get ripped, cut, shredded muscles this vinegar seems to definitely expedite the process.

Drinking 2 table spoons per day. You can do both at once or split the table spoons up by taking one in the morning on an empty stomach and the second one after you’ve even dinner but, just before you go to bed.

Try this routine consistently for five weeks and…

You should definitely, definitely, definitely feel a difference.

apple cider vinegar substitute

The biggest difference you’ll probably have is the potential to feel less cravings for sugars… especially processed sugars as i used to or currently do.

As of late, there is a lot of research coming out about Apple Cider Vinegar. i come from in the benefits of money

For example, in one study it says that consuming two (2) tablespoons per day over the span of twelve (12) weeks it resulted in nearly four (4) pounds in weight loss with no other modifications to eating habits (diet) or life style (exercise or lack there of).

The thing about Apple Cider Vinegar is that it has the strong potential to decrease your appetite.

But, if you don’t make intentional adjustments and just eat fast food still you won’t see desired change.

The benefits go way beyond fat loss. In efforts of promoting wellness taking Apple Cider every day has the strong possibility to make you feel well.

It’s not a cure but, like they use to say when you were little an Apple a day can keep the doctor away.

Remember that ‘Increased wellness is the ultimate goal!’

In addition to Fat Loss here some other benefits of ACV:

  • Regulates your blood sugar level (so this is a special thing for diabetics).
  • Lowers your cholesterol
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Relieves symptoms of acid reflux
  • Boots gut/stomach health
  • Fights Fungus
  • Improves skin health
  • Soothes sunburn
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Treats warts
  • Heals Poison Ivy
  • Helps fight seasonal allergies
  • Can be used as a non-toxic deorderant
  • Keeps your hair shiny no matter your ethnicity or hair texture
  • ACV Balances your hormonal PH levels
  • ACV Whitens your teeth
  • Relieves common cold symptoms
  • Aids in Detoxification (Detoxing)

See what Dr. Axe has to say: