Tread Mill (Treadmill)

Tread Mill (Treadmill),

The Tread Mill (Treadmill) was invented in 1818 by an English engineer named Sir William Cubitt during the Victorian Era.

Every since they hit the fitness “scene” they’ve been tried and true…. Mostly because (for those you could afford their own personal ones) it provided great convenience for the health conscious individual.

People no longer HAVE TO go to the gym (if they own a treadmill) nor do they have to do a whole lot of prepping to get their daily run in.

The hassle of finding the right outfit and location plus the gas money to get to that location are OR should be conveniently pushed to back of your thoughts.

It’s a great machine to zone out on.

If you are a guy you can raise that incline and really burn those quad muscles to burn that lower belly fat.

If you are a lady you can stride that muffin top or belly fat away.

Good Treadmill Music makes the journey fun! See below for Best Treadmill Workout To Lose Weight Quick

If you’re a wife you can relax and focus on YOU at the moment… Not the husband, Not the children, Not the grocery list, Not looking cute JUST TO go to the gym… You can focus on just you and making that “Body Fat” cry.

If you’re a husband you’re not thinking about your son’s football practice, your wife’s “honey-do” list, nor the mortgage payment… you’re figuratively blacked out and going a little further and a little further.

In a world of Cycling and Ellipticals the Tread Mill (Treadmill) is an oldie but, goodie that has lasted over a hundred years.

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Always consult your physician to affirm your workouts and diet plans.

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Lyrics to Tread Mill

Christian Workout Music Volume 1
P© CROSS Breed Imprints, LLC
Written and Produced by:
Antha REdNOTE Rodgers (ASCAP)

Lord you see me
On That Tread mill

They Don’t Wanna See Me
On That Tread mill

Lord I Go Dumb
On That Tread mill

I Came To Get It Done
On That Tread mill

Lord You The Real Deal
On That Tread mill

I’m Spirit Filled
On That Tread mill

Blockin Out the Noise
On That Tread mill

While I Count It All Joy
On That Tread mill

Losin’ Weight
Gettin Fit

Losin’ Weight
Stayin Fit

I’m bout to hit a mile
And Another,
And Another Mile

I’m bout to hit a mile
And Another Mile
With A Smile

I’m Healthy
Cause You Helped Me