A lot of people are intimated by the Tread Mill but, they love the Elliptical.

And for those that weren’t … they wanted a little more by way of cardio and not heavy lifting.

So, along comes the Elliptical in the late 1990’s.

Don't be scared of the Elliptical
Don’t be scared of the Elliptical


It was (and still is) a rave in the gym because now you’re getting a little more of a simultaneous upper and lower body workout on a stationary machine.

Although the Tread Mill and the Elliptical are different the one thing that they have in common is YOU!

You can make the most out of them when you get in the zone and give your workout 300%.

It’s good to get into that focus, because once you get that rhythm, cadence, and pace you just watch the fat burn and the “sweet” sweat pour.

As mentioned before you’re getting somewhat of a total upper and lower body work out.

Some really good Elliptical machines have blood pressure / heart rate monitors on the handle bars so you don’t need to wear one which is really cool because you don’t have to keep up with extra equipment plus you literally get to watch the fat burn.

The muscle groups that are noticeably affected are the abs, shoulders, quads, biceps, calves, triceps, and gluteus.

Purchase the “Elliptical” song and pop in you ear buds, set your activity tracker (ie. Fitbit) and see how many calories you can burn during the tempo of this 5min hit track.

For $1, order your instant download of the “Elliptical” song today.

The song is so good you’ll be enjoying it even when you aren’t working out.

Always consult your physician to affirm your workouts and diet plans.

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Lyrics to Elliptical

Christian Workout Music Volume 1
P© CROSS Breed Imprints, LLC
Written and Produced by:
Antha REdNOTE Rodgers (ASCAP)

On The Elliptical
I reflect on How I’m Dear To You

Salvation Is The Miracle
That Has Me Drawing Near To You

I’m Blessed and Highly Favored
That You Would Be My Savior

Ohh…You’ve Given Me Your Best
Ohh…I’m Under Your Arrest