Heart Rate

Heart Rate,

As of late many people are asking and searching the following questions…

-What is a good resting heart rate for me?
-What is a good or healthy heart rate for my age?
-What is a good resting heart rate by a person’s age?
-What is professionally considered a bad or unhealthy heart rate?

It’s really good to get in the habit of getting your heart pumping so that it gets used to doing it’s job at optimum performance.

Your body is like a car and your heart is the engine to that car. Your Blood is like oil. You want to make sure your engine is circulating that oil through your car efficiently. You also want to make sure that the oil is free from toxins, crud, and slug.

You want to make sure your heart is circulating the blood through your body quickly and properly because when you body parts need blood… they need it healthy and fast.


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You don’t want to let it set to long without every starting it up or taking it for a spin around the block. You want to keep the engine flexible and agile. You also don’t want to get the car used to just staying at speads of 15mph, 20mph, or 30mph. Sometimes or even a lot of times, you need to drive your car on the highway so that the engine can get used to being pushed and having a lot demanded or required of it.

Your heart is the same way! You don’t want your heart to get used to always sitting down, laying around, or sleeping. It is HIGHLY recommended that you get your heart used to being able to reach it’s full potential regularly which means daily and weekly.

Try to avoid daily and large amounts of sugar because just like bad oil this causes slug and crud in the blood…Hey that rhymed…LOL

As a Christian, whether you think Alcohol consumption is permissible or not… science ULTIMATELY proves that it’s unhealthy for your blood long term. We say ultimately because there are arguments that red wine helps you live longer. But, science also proves that there are other things more natural and potent than red wine that will do the same or even a better job of red wine.

The moral of the story is that you have to WORK your heart to keep it used to WORKING at its best and you have to give it good fluids to WORK with while it’s WORKING for you…GET IT!?!

Some body builders frown on doing cardio. We think it is because they are focusing on the external rather than the internal. “To hate CARDIO is to HATE YOUR HEART,” one leading supplement store representative told us. Now…when you say that out loud, it sounds silly doesn’t it. But, it is kind of true. Doing things that are related to cardio are so beneficial because it gets your heart working optimally which gets that blood pumping at premium performance.

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Always consult your physician to affirm your workouts and meal plans.

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Lyrics to Heart Rate

Christian Workout Music Volume 1
P© CROSS Breed Imprints, LLC
Written and Produced by:
Antha REdNOTE Rodgers (ASCAP)

You Take My Heart Rate Up
When I Think About Your Love

You Take My Heart Rate Up
When I Think About Your Love

You Take My Heart Rate Up
When I Think About Your Love

You Take My Heart Rate Up
When I Think
About Your L…O…V…E

The Day You Put Your Love On Me
Was The Day My Eyes Where Open To See
You Seated High… As The Only Christ
And With You Forever I’ll Reside

You Gave Your Love
To All of Us

And Drank The Cup
So We Could Sup…Sup With You