Dead Lift (Deadlifts)

Hit those Dead Lifts,

Strength, Power, Endurance are just some of the benefits of doing Dead Lifts (Deadlifts).

It’s a great exercise to reinforce your upper back, lower back, quadriceps, booty (gluteus), shoulders, knee tendons, and forearm muscles all in one exercise.

Now of course the main muscles that get the bulk of work are the back, quads, and knees but, it’s nice that the love is being spread around.

The Deadlift is all about prepping your body to be able to do static movement. There are and will be moments in our lives where we have to bust a move without warning…without a head start.

A Static movement is one that relies on reflex without the assistance of a jump start or a running start.

You just have to lift the weight with little to no momentum.

Some people say Dead Lifts (Deadlifts) SUCK and are bad for your back… that’s like saying picking up a pencil you dropped or a ‘can good’ that rolled on the floor is bad for your back.

Deadlifts are NOT bad for your back. Deadlifts actually help strengthen your lower back muscles, when done properly. Deadlifts keep your body prepped for everyday “pickups.”

Young sports woman with weight barbell doing deadlift exercise. Fit female athlete in great shape is lifting weights in a sport gym. Athletic woman train CrossFit workout.
Deadlifts are great! A significant number of Women love how they work, tone, and plump their glutes.

Doing Deadlifts WRONG is what’s bad for your back. Just like lifting a bag of groceries wrong is bad for your back

It’s very important to keep the proper form because what’s the point of doing any exercise if you’re not going to do it right.

You can seriously hurt yourself doing any exercise with ill or improper form.

Let’s be clear.

Although, the knees and gluteus get some love during the Deadlift exercise… Dead Lifts are NOT Squats.

Men and Women… amateur to pro both enjoy the effects and benefits of Dead Lifts.

Don’t let the Arnold Schwarzenegger looking guy or gal (☺) intimidate you because they’re lifting 500lbs.

You can do Dead Lifts using 8lb Dumbbells or Kettle Bells as long as your form is correct and you’re feeling the burn.

That’s how you get healthy, balanced, favorable results.

Twenty (20) Minute Body Toning Dumbbell Workout with Your Heaviest Weight

6 exercises in total for 3 sets and you will be upping the amount of reps per set

Set 1 – 10 reps
Set 2 – 15 reps
Set 3 – 20 reps

of the following…

  1. Goblet Squats (hold one dumbbell with both hands on it whiled doing a full squat 45 degree elbows touch knees)
  2. Cuban Press (Control swing dumbbells down to your side wrist facing floor, swing dumbbells up to shoulders, shoulder press up, swing down and repeat for the required reps)
  3. Alternate Lunges (one dumbbell in each hand)
  4. Double Arm Tricep Extensions (bend over flat back [no arched backed] weights in hand, elbos bent toward the back of the room at a 90 degree angle then you control extend your arm till your elbow is straight while keeping weight in the air, then slowly return to 90 degree and repeat for required reps)
  5. Stiff Leg Dumbbell Deadlifts (Legs straight, bend at the waist with a straight/flat back, weights in both hands slowly bending down with weights in front of your shins going as far as you can go without arching your back, then slowly rise up and repeat for required reps)
  6. ISO Hold (one arm at 90 degrees and full bicep curl other arm for the required reps then do the other arm)
  7. BONUS:  Throw some slow Shoulder Rolls in there for the same amount of reps (roll your shoulders from front to back while you keep body aligned up and down minimizing any rocking)


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Always consult your physician to affirm your workouts and diet plans.

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Lyrics to Dead Lift (Deadlift)

Christian Workout Music Volume 1
P© CROSS Breed Imprints, LLC
Written and Produced by:
Antha REdNOTE Rodgers (ASCAP)

Lord You Raised the Dead
So I aint Gotta Trip

It’s by your strength
I get this weight up to my hips

Keep the perfect form
Don’t let my back slip

Now that’s what I call
A Perfect Dead Lift

Lord Your Ways Are Far Beyond Me
You Took My Sin Far Beyond Me

Lord Your Ways Are Far Beyond Me
You Lifted Sins Weight Far Beyond Me

Lord You Lift The Dead
That Was Me

Lord You Raise the Dead
Now I’m Free

As as the west is from the east
You Lifted Sin From Me


See image below for a diagram example of the proper form to do Dead Lifts (Courtesy of eSports):

Deadlift Christian Workout Music Volume 1
The Dos and Don’ts of Deadlifts. (Thank you so much eSports for this amazing chart)