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Running… “Run Forest Run!”,

Aaaarrrggghh… It can get frustrating with the leading professionals AND blogs giving you conflicting reports or opinions ABOUT RUNNING.

Some professionals say running is good for you.

Other professionals say running is bad for you.

Look!!! It’s really not that difficult.

We at think that running is fun, healthy, beneficial, awesome, and GOD ordained.

Like one mainstream 80’s song said “We were born to Run!” LOL

That being said, to sustain a “runners life”… you need four things to be in routine, habit, and practice as early as possible (however most of us don’t wake up to our health needs til we’re older or there’s a health scare).

The Four Things are as follows:
• Proper shoes
• A Proper diet
• Proper breathing+technique
• Proper stretching

Running Exercise Christian Workout Music Volume 1
Running Exercise can feel amazing!

Proper shoes will help you avoid Shin Splints, knee aches, and lower back pain.

When you eat properly (Vegan, Vegetarian, or Moderate Meat consumption) you’re getting your joints the proper fats and proteins. When you eat right you aid your bones by NOT having so much stress to hold you up which in turn keeps your joints from having such a heavy pounding impact with your stride.

Which leads to technique… you see technique is mental.

You literally have to focus on what your doing so that it will eventually become a part of you, habit; first nature. When you breath properly (You should be exhaling every time your left knee comes up [bends] when you’re running at a steady pace) that helps you get the most oxygen to your muscles whether you’re breathing in your nose and our your mouth or not. Getting good doses of oxygen will help your muscles burn slower and not tire out as fast which of course leads to better endurance which leads to running longer distances.

Here are some humbly opinionated tips on the “correct way to jog to lose weight”:

  1. Run on the ball of your feet and your toes. Do not run on your heels. Some people are heel walkers thus heel runners.
  2. Run in proper shoes that curb the negative effects of running on your heels, it’s best practice NOT to pound your heel into the pavement. Think about it… if you’re running a mile or a 5K or longer and every stride you’re pounding your left and right heel… OUCH!!!
  3. Breathe in your nose and out of your mouth at the same time. This may seem difficult since most of us have been taught to breathe in our nose and out our mouth or vice versa.  Well, if you do both at the same time then you give your muscles more oxygen because you have 3 holes bringing in oxygen rather than 2 or 1.
  4. For long distance runners… when running cross country, marathons, or jogging you should exhale every time your left leg bends upward because your running at a speed that’s easier to do this.  For sprinters…you should exhale every other time your left leg bends upward because you are running so fast it’s challenging to do it every time.  Practice the proper breathing because this will help dramatically with getting tired less thus building your endurance.

And lastly, STRETCH DAILY. Even if you’re not running, get your muscles used to being loose, limber, and long.

Heres an encouraging video of 60 to 90 year olds who can out run some highschool teenagers:


Thank you sooo much to for this AWESOME/INSPIRING video. GOD is GOOD!!!

The “Run” song will incite your Faith while you strengthen your body.

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Lyrics to RUN

Christian Workout Music Volume 1
P© CROSS Breed Imprints, LLC
Written and Produced by:
Antha REdNOTE Rodgers (ASCAP)

Your name is higher 4x’s

Your name is higher
You’re the Messiah
Higher Than Any Desease
Tryin’ to lay hold on me

Diabetes Don’t Stand A Chance
Heart Attack Don’t Stand A Chance
Cancer Don’t Stand A Chance
High Blood Don’t Stand A Chance

Lord You Told Me I Betta Run
So, I’m Givin’ Everything While I Run
Burning Calories While I Run
Got My Mind On Thee When I Run

Imma Eat Right, Drink Right, Speak Life, Keep My Shoes Tight
Imma Eat Right, Drink Right, Speak Life, Hold Your Truth Tight

You Preserve
And Prevail