Bench Press

Aaaahhhh… the Bench Press,

The Bench Press is an age old exercise that has stood the test of time as the go exercise to get a ripped chest with a touch of biceps and triceps.

It’s recommended that you always use a spotter.

A spotter is a partner that closely watches (and assist you if needed) you raise the weight all the way back up to the resting post, if you aren’t physically able to do so after your reps.

Spotters do not help you do your reps they just help carry the weight back to the top if you’re fatigued after you’ve already done any amount of reps.

When doing The Bench Press exercise you first lift the weight off of the resting post then hold the weights straight up with your arms extended for 1 second.

Then you moderately lower the weight all the way to your chest and let the bar touch your chest. Once the bar touches your chest; you quickly raise the weight back to the top with arms fully extended. Do this for how ever many repetitions you can handle.

Remember when you start to strain or shake while trying to get the weight back up to the resting post, that’s what your spotter is for.

how to increase my bench press max
Bench Press Christian Workout Music Volume 1

Here are some humbly opinionated tips on “how to increase my bench press max” quote:

  1. Proper nutrition: make sure your blood is clean by eating and drinking less sugar, gmo’s, and processed fats.
  2. Nitric Oxide: use a Nitric Oxide supplement to increase blood flow to the muscles. We HIGHLY recommend NutraBio® Extreme Nitric Stack because they ALWAYS provide complete label transparency with awesome clinical dosages. They let you know exactly what is in their products with NO proprietary blend cover ups.
  3. Since you have TWO ARMS…always try to hit your current max weight 2 reps. What’s the point of lifting the heaviest you can only once when you have two arms at your use. Once hitting 2 reps becomes a little easier up your reps by 2 with more weight. DO NOT attempt to lift 1000 lbs when you can barely lift 100.  Use wisdom and a consult with your physician.
  4. You want to speed up recovery so that the next time you bench press you’re not already sore from the previous time. Thus, we recommend taking BCAAs which stand for (Branched-Chain Amino Acids).  These Amino acids help reduce soreness significantly while at the same time healthily aiding in rapid muscle rejuvenation and recovery.
  5. Lastly, after every workout take your properly dosed protein supplement so that your muscles get their food. We recommend NutraBios®  100% Whey Protein Isolate, once again because of their “no joke” label transparency. They do their absolute best to not compromise your health.  Another protein recommendation would include lactose-free GNC PRO PERFORMANCE® Complete Vegan Gainer. We’re not pushing veganism this product is just super clean and easy on your stomach while helping you get those gains rather than bloat.

NOTE: Can a woman take Nitric Oxide? Studies show that it is safe and acceptable for both men and women to take Nitric oxide under the advisement of a physician.

What Is The Proper Way To Bench Press
What Is The Proper Way To Bench Press (Thanks to eSports for the Great Chart)

We at have created a the “Bench Press” song for the Christian who wants to get hyped, motivated, and encouraged to lift weights without listening to secular, immoral, profane, or explicit music.

Well the “Bench Press” song does just that.

It’s a 4 minute song full of energy, passion, and intensity fused with Biblically centered chants that worship JESUS for giving us the gifts of Health and Strength.

Both Males and Females who are Christian and desire to give 100% in their workouts will enjoy the urban-gritty-aggressive feel of the song while not compromising their convictions.

The “Bench Press” song will incite your Faith while you strengthen your body.

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Lyrics to Bench Press

Christian Workout Music Volume 1
P© CROSS Breed Imprints, LLC
Written and Produced by:
Antha REdNOTE Rodgers (ASCAP)

I’mma give you my best
On This Bench Press

Give you nothin’ less
On This Bench Press

I’m relieving stress
On This Bench Press

I can feel it in my chest
On This Bench Press

I’mma bring you fame
On This Bench Press

No Pain No Gain
On This Bench Press

I’mma Glorify Your Name
On This Bench Press

I’mma See A Healthy Change
On This Bench Press